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pet and furniture protector

A safe, humane expandable barrier cover protecting your pets and your furniture.


Whether it goes across a couch, over a chair, around a corner, or on top of a table, the Nature Paws Furniture Cover is an expandable furniture protection system which is portable, flexible, expandable, easy to store and transport, and creates a protective barrier to prevent access by pets to furniture.

The Nature Paws Furniture Cover does not need laundering, is easy to use in many configurations and discourages your pet from getting on your furniture, tables, or kitchen counters.

There are many types of furniture systems used to protect upholstery and surfaces from pet hair, dandruff, bodily fluids, and dirt. Many furniture protection systems are cumbersome to set-up, remove, and often need laundering. Some furniture protection systems cause shock or pain to pets. Many furniture protection systems are not flexible and unable to configure to protect different types and styles of furniture.

why us

  • Saves your furniture, money and natural resources.
  • Easy to set-up. Expands to six feet! Just expand and lock the tabs.
  • Collapses to 6" high and 2" wide for easy storage and transport. A Velcro strap keeps it closed.
  • Safe for pets and humans, does not shock or harm.
  • Made in Kent Washington of high quality corrugated cardboard, the Nature Paws Furniture Protect is recyclable.

our history


Bailey was a gregarious rescued Golden Retriever adopted by Walli's mom and sister. Bailey developed knee problems and required surgery. As part of her rehab, she could not jump up onto her favorite spot, the couch.

The family tried to prevent her from jumping by placing boards and boxes on the couch. Bailey would figure out how to pull them off or try to climb over them. It was scary and the family worried Bailey would injure herself. Removing the board and box system took 15 minutes and was just cumbersome.

When visiting her mom and sister to borrow sewing supplies, Walli came across and old folded sewing cutting board. Using the cutting board's accordion folds, Walli created the first "pet furniture protector" to keep Bailey off the couch.

There was one problem, the folds would not stay up.

Bringing in two awesome longtime friends, Max andn Isaac, the "pet furniture protector" was refined and a locking tab system created. A Company "Nature Paws" was created and our mission to bring a safe, humane, eco-friendly products to pets and the people who love them was born.

buy now

We stand behind everything we sell. If you are not satisfied with your Nature Paws purchase, you can return it for a replacement or refund within one week of purchase. Please mail it to:

Nature Paws
13036 SE Kent-Kangley Rd. #353
Kent, WA 98030

We recommend that you ship your package with a carrier that can provide tracking and insurance. Nature Paws is not responsible for packages lost in transit without proof of tracking.

Nature Paws guarantee doesn't cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents.